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John Sayles On Tour

Filmmaker and author John Sayles will hit the road in February for a national tour to discuss his new book Yellow Earth.

“In his densely textured, overtly political fifth novel, the acclaimed director and screenwriter recounts what happens when shale oil is discovered beneath an Indian reservation in the North Dakota badlands and crowds of outsiders descend.” 
New York Times Book Review

“John  Sayles writes with such verve and colloquial humor that even the most esoteric issues brighten with fascination.... Sayles superbly dramatizes the man-made disruptions in his novel’s small pond, but in a book motored by anarchy the most unsettling section occurs when the boom goes bust, bringing Yellow Earth to a surprisingly quiet conclusion: the depiction of a modern-day ghost town.” 
Wall Street Journal

“Without falling prey to false ‘both sides’ equivocation, Sayles masterfully balances and gives fair hearings to competing agendas and doesn’t shy away from the ugly side of human nature; by the same token, he doesn’t give in to cynicism or despair. What animates his fiction is curiosity about different kinds of people and their experiences, and an imagination expansive enough to portray their inner lives. He doesn’t fetishize diversity, but his stories are naturally diverse as a result of his engaged interest in the world around him. Now entering the fifth decade of his career, Sayles remains a standard-bearer for the American novel.” 
Slant Magazine

Rich layers of shale oil are discovered under Yellow Earth, North Dakota and the neighboring Three Nations Indian reservation. All hell breaks loose.

In Yellow Earth, the site of Three Nations reservations on the banks of the Missouri River in North Dakota, Sayles introduces us to Harleigh Killdeer, chairman of the Tribal Business Council. “An activist in his way, a product of the Casino Era,” Kildeer, who is contracted by oil firm Case and Crosby, spearheads the new Three Nations Petroleum Company.

What follows, with characteristic lyrical dexterity, insight, and wit, introduces us to a memorable cast of characters, weaving together narratives of competing worlds through masterful storytelling.

Set shortly before Standing Rock would become a symbol of historic proportions of the brutal confrontation between native resistance and the forces of big business and law enforcement, the fate of Yellow Earth serves as a parable for our times.

John Sayles National Tour Dates:

January 30 Guilford, CT Guilford Free Library
February 1 Boston, MA Trident Books Sellers Café
February 2 Amherst, MA Amherst Bookstore
February 3 Rhinebeck, NY Oblong Books and Music
February 4 New Haven, CT Yale Bookstore
February 5 New York, NY The Strand
February 6 Philadelphia, PA Uncle Bobbie's
February 7 Baltimore, MD Red Emma's
February 8 Washington, DC Politics and Prose
February 10 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Free Library
February 13 Los Angeles, CA UCLA Billy Wilder Theater
February 14 Los Angeles, CA Egyptian Theater
February 15 Los Angeles, CA UCLA Billy Wilder Theater
February 16 Santa Monica, CA Aero Theatre
February 17 Santa Monica, CA Aero Theatre
February 18 Santa Monica, CA Diesel Bookstore
February 19 Santa Barbara, CA Chaucers Books
February 24 San Francisco, CA City Lights Booksellers
February 25 Berkeley, CA Moe’s Bookstore
February 26 Eugene, OR J. Michaels Books
February 27 Portland, OR Powell's City of Books
February 28 Seattle, WA Elliott Bay Book Company
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