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Betsy Hartmann

Betsy Hartmann writes nonfiction and fiction about important national and global challenges. Her forthcoming book The America Syndrome: Apocalypse, War and Our Call to Greatness reveals how end-times thinking profoundly influences American foreign policy, environmental politics and the persistence of injustice. Now in its third edition, Betsy’s feminist classic Reproductive Rights and Wrongs: The Global Politics of Population Control tackles the powerful myth of overpopulation and its negative consequences for women’s reproductive health and rights. She is also the co-author of A Quiet Violence: View from a Bangladesh Village and co-editor of the anthology Making Threats: Biofears and Environmental Anxieties. Her political thrillers The Truth About Fire and Deadly Election explore the threat the Far Right poses to American democracy. From 1988 until recently Betsy taught at Hampshire College where she directed the Population and Development Program. She is a well-known educator, commentator, and advocate on women’s rights, population, environment and security concerns. For more on Betsy, see