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Marx was Right: Economics for the 99%

Writers and socialists Hadas Thier and Meagan Day discuss the unfolding global economic and health crises and the importance of arming a new generation of activists and organizers with the tools of Marxist economics.

The Covid-19 pandemic and attendant economic meltdown expose capitalism’s failures more clearly than ever, and make evident the pressing need for an alternative way of understanding, and organizing, society. Thier and Day will discuss how profound inequality has determined the impacts of the health crisis, the inadequacy of free market solutions to the problems we face, the Marxist theory of economic crisis, and more.

This event is a book launch for Hadas Thier’s A People’s Guide to Capitalism: An Introduction to Marxist Economics, a lively, accessible, and timely guide to Capitalism for those who want to understand and dismantle the world of the 1%.

Hadas Thier is an activist, writer, and socialist, and in her spare time, an amateur paleontologist (aka mom to a toddler). She is the author of A People’s Guide to Capitalism: An Introduction to Marxist Economics.

Meagan Day is a staff writer at Jacobin magazine and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. She is the co-author of Bigger Than Bernie: How We Go From the Sanders Campaign to Democratic Socialism.

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