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Gay 4 History: A Dialogue Across Eras

What do emancipatory struggles over gender and sexuality have to do with history, and what does history do for the wider project of emancipation as such? The authors and editors of Histories of the Transgender ChildTransgender Marxism, and Sexual Hegemony discuss the difficulty of drawing directly from, or detaching ourselves altogether from nominally discontinuous social categories, and how historical citation operates to transform the present.



Jules Gill-Peterson is an Associate Research Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of Histories of the Transgender Child (University of Minnesota, 2018), winner of a Lambda Literary Award. Jules is also a General Co-Editor at TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly.

Jules Gleeson is a writer, comedian and historian. She has published essays in outlets including Viewpoint Magazine, Invert Journal and VICE, and performed internationally at a wide range of communist and queer cultural events.

Max Fox is the editor of Christopher Chitty's posthumous Sexual Hegemony (2020), the translator of Guy Hocquenghem's posthumous The Amphitheater of the Dead (2018) and a founding editor of Pinko magazine.