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Haymarket at Socialism 2022!

Join Haymarket Books for the Socialism Conference, September 2-5 in Chicago, and participate in four days of socialist politics, ideas, and community. You'll also be able to browse the conference's radical pop-up bookstore, which will feature thousands of indispensable and inspiring books, including many Haymarket titles!

We've put together a reading list of books written by some of the many thinkers, writers, and activists who will be speaking at Socialism 2022, all 40% Off as part of our Summer of Struggle sale!

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Forthcoming: pre-order here. In this series of powerful lectures, Ruth Wilson Gilmore shows that the only way to dismantle systems and logics of control and punishment is to change questions, categories, and campaigns from the ground up.

Ruth Wilson Gilmore will be delivering the keynote address at Socialism 2022: Change Everything: Racial Capitalism and the Case for Abolition, and will also participate in a live recording of The Dig: What Now? Perspectives on the Conjuncture.

By rejecting elitist identity politics in favor of a constructive politics of radical solidarity, Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò advances the possibility of organizing across our differences in the urgent struggle for a better world.

Hear from Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò at two conference sessions: Elite Capture: How the Powerful Took Over Identity Politics (And Everything Else) and a live recording of The Dig: What Now? Perspectives on the Conjuncture.

An illuminating biography of the bold, principled, and fiercely independent woman who defied convention to make her own mark on the world.

Hear from Barbara Ransby at: Black Feminism and Black Liberation in 2022.

A revolutionary collaboration about the world we're living in now, between two of our most important contemporary thinkers, writers and activists.

Hear from Robyn Maynard and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson at: Black and Indigenous Liberation: A Dialogue.

Mohammed El-Kurd’s debut collection definitively shows that the Palestinian struggle is a revolution, until victory.

Hear from Mohammed El-Kurd at: Palestinian Liberation, Internationalism, and Abolition.

In Border and Rule, one of North America’s foremost thinkers and immigrant rights organizers delivers an unflinching examination of migration as a pillar of global governance and gendered racial class formation.

Hear from Harsha Walia at: Abolitionist Internationalism: Borders, Migration, and Racial Capitalism.

Drawing on years of labor activism and study of labor history, Joe Burns outlines the key set of ideas common to class struggle unionism and shows how these ideas can create a more militant, democratic and fighting labor movement.

Hear from Joe Burns at: Class Struggle Unionism.

The people of Brazil celebrated when they learned that in the space of two years their country would host the world's two largest sporting events: the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. Then they protested in numbers the country hadn't seen in decades.

Hear from Dave Zirin at: Playing Through Fire: Sports in a Time of Reaction.

Despite the efforts of these mainstream commentators to convince us otherwise, many of us have begun to question why this system has produced such vast inequality and wanton disregard for its own environmental destruction. This book offers answers to exactly these questions on their own terms: in the form of a radical economic theory.

Hear from Hadas Thier at: A People's Guide to Capitalism: An Introduction to Marxist Economics.

This timely and urgent book shows how a youth-led political movement has emerged in recent years to challenge the bipartisan consensus on punishment and looks to the future through a redistributive, queer, and feminist lens. 

Hear from Donna Murch at: Racial Capitalism, Deaths of Despair, and the Black Working Class in the Post-Civil Rights Era.

This timely book persuasively argues that labor and migrant solidarity movements are already showing how and why, in order to fight for justice and re-build the international union movement, we must open the border.

Hear from Justin Akers Chacón at: The Border Crossed Us: Labor, Migration, and Working-Class Internationalism.

In these incisive essays, art critic Ben Davis makes sense of our extreme present as an emerging "after-culture"—a culture whose forms and functions are being radically reshaped by cataclysmic events.

Hear from Ben Davis at: What is a Culture War and Can it be Won?

As isolated individuals, debtors have little influence. But as a bloc, we can leverage our debts and devise new tactics to challenge the corporate creditor class and help win reparative, universal public goods.

Hear from the Debt Collective at: Building Debtor Power in the Age of Finance.

Black Lives Matter at School succinctly generalizes lessons from successful challenges to institutional racism that have been won through the Black Lives Matter at School movement.

Hear from Jesse Hagopian at: Teach Truth: The Struggle for Antiracist Education.

Forthcoming: pre-order hereOnce home to the United States's largest plutonium production site, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state is laced with 56 million gallons of radioactive waste. The threat of an explosive accident at Hanford is all too real—an event that could be more catastrophic than Chernobyl.

Hear from Joshua Frank at: The Case Against Nuclear Power.

In this volume, Marta Russell’s various essays provide a useful and expansive resource to those interested in better understanding the ways in which the modern phenomenon of disability is shaped by capitalist economic and social relations.

Hear from editor of Capitalism and Disability, Keith Rosenthal, at: Socialism and Disability Justice: Theory and Practice.

In this groundbreaking study David McNally reveals the true story of money’s origins and development as one of violence and human bondage.

Hear from David McNally at: Crises, Wars, and Revolts at the Edge of a New Global Slump.

Imagining the future of Gaza beyond the cruelties of occupation and Apartheid, Light in Gaza is a powerful contribution to understanding Palestinian experience.

Hear from Jehad Abusalim at: Gaza is Palestine: Voices from Under the Blockade.

Palestine: A Socialist Introduction systematically tackles a number of important aspects of the Palestinian struggle for liberation, contextualizing it in an increasingly polarized world and offering a socialist perspective on how full liberation can be won.

Hear from Palestine: A Socialist Introduction co-editor, brian bean, at: Yes We Do Mean Smash the State: In Defense of Revolution.

Hear from contributor Shireen Akram-Boshar at: Crises, Wars, and Revolts at the Edge of a New Global Slump.

Hear from contributor Daphna Thier at: Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee: Reviving the American Labor Movement.

China on Strike, the first English-language book of its kind, provides an intimate and revealing window into the lives of workers organizing in some of China’s most profitable factories.

Hear from Eli Friedman at: Social Resistance in Contemporary China.

Danny Katch indicts the hollowness of the US political system that led to Trump’s rise and puts forward a vision for a real alternative: a democracy that works for the people.

Hear from Danny Katch at: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers: Socialist Solutions to the Gun Crisis.

An authoritative introduction to history’s most important political document, with the full text of The Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels.

Hear from editor, Phil Gasper, at: The ABCs of Marxism.

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