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2022: Haymarket’s Year in 10 Books

Through another year of deepening, interlocking crises and defiant collective resistance, Haymarket has continued to amplify radical voices and ideas that make a contribution to analyzing systems of oppression, mapping strategies for liberation, and imagining a fundamentally different world.

These are the ten books that gave powerful voice to our year.

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This beautiful new edition of Angela Davis’s classic Autobiography features an expansive new introduction by the author.

A celebration of freedom work, a movement genealogy, a call to action, and a challenge to those who think of abolition and feminism as separate—even incompatible—political projects.

By rejecting elitist identity politics in favor of a constructive politics of radical solidarity, Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò advances the possibility of organizing across our differences in the urgent struggle for a better world.

“Breathtakingly refreshing in scope and content, After Life is history the way history should be written. Bringing together an incredibly diverse group of scholars, this book walks us through the worst days of the pandemic but offers us tools to create a better future." —Ibram X. Kendi

A revolutionary collaboration about the world we're living in now, between two of our most important contemporary thinkers, writers and activists.

China Miéville's riveting engagement with the Communist Manifesto offers a lyrical introduction and a spirited defense of the modern world's most influential political document.

Class Struggle Unionism not only defines the urgency of our common struggle, it's a textbook on how to organize around our common demands, right where we work, in order to build a movement strong enough to realize an inclusive economy and thriving democracy.” —Sara Nelson

This timely and urgent book shows how a youth-led political movement has emerged in recent years to challenge the bipartisan consensus on punishment and looks to the future through a redistributive, queer, and feminist lens.

At a political moment when Liberatory Harm Reduction and mutual aid are more important than ever, this book serves as an inspiration and a catalyst for radical transformation of our world.

“Ever attuned to questions of power and profit, Davis never yields to cynicism or forecloses the possibility of creativity’s role in our collective liberation. This kaleidoscopic collection will help you see and comprehend the world anew—which is, in my book, what good art should do.” —Astra Taylor

Get all 10 books as a gift for your favorite radical reader, or to reward yourself for getting through another very long year!

All Haymarket titles, including those on this list, are currently 40% Off as part of our Holiday Sale.