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Cultures of Uneven and Combined Development
From International Relations to World Literature

Cultures of Uneven and Combined Development represents an extraordinary contribution to our understanding of Leon Trotsky's concept of uneven and combined development. This groundbreaking collection brings together the work of scholars from both the field of international relations and the field of literature and the arts in an effort to adapt the political and historical analysis which originated in Trotsky's Russia and apply them to the subject of contemporary world literature. The results provide essential insights for those looking to find new ways of understanding literary texts, as well as for those seeking to draw lessons from Trotsky's revolutionary politics for use in combatting today's world order.

Contributors: Alexander Anievas, Gail Day, James Christie, Kamran Matin, Kerem Nisancioglu, Luke Cooper, Michael Niblett, Neil Davidson, Nesrin Degirmencioglu, Robert Spencer, Steve Edwards.