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Cultural Hegemony in a Scientific World
Gramscian Concepts for the History of Science

This crucial intervention in political epistemology offers a comprehensive discussion of the multiple applicability of Gramscian concepts and categories to the historical, sociological, and cultural analysis of science. The authors argue that the perspective of hegemony and subalternity allows us to critically assess the political directedness of scientific practices as well as to reflect on the ideological status of disciplines that deal with science at a meta-level – historical, socio-historical, and epistemological.

Contributors include: Massimiliano Badino, Javier Balsa, Lino Camprubí, Ana Carneiro, Luís Miguel Carolino, Riccardo Ciavolella, Roger Cooter, Alina-Sandra Cucu, Maria Paula Diogo, Isabel Jiménez Lucena, Annelies Lannoy, Jorge Molero Mesa, Agustí Nieto-Galan, Pietro Daniel Omodeo, Matteo Realdi, Jaume Sastre-Juan, Arne Schirrmacher, Ana Simões, Carlos Tabernero Holgado, and Carlos Ziller Camenietzki.