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The New Cold War
The United States, Russia, and China from Kosovo to Ukraine

A leading international relations expert uncovers the key stages that led from the end of the Cold War to the War in Ukraine.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, warnings of a new Cold War proliferated. In fact, argues Gilbert Achcar in this timely new account, the New Cold War has been ongoing since the late 1990s.

Racing to solidify its position as the last remaining superpower, the US alienated Russia and China, pushing them closer and rebooting the ‘old’ Cold War with disastrous implications. Vladimir Putin’s consequent rise and imperialist reinvention, along with Xi Jinping’s own ascendancy and increasingly autocratic tendencies, would culminate, respectively, in the invasion of Ukraine and mounting tensions over Taiwan and trade.

Was all this inevitable? What comes after Ukraine, and what might the contours of a more peaceful world look like? These questions and many others are addressed in this essential book by one of the most seasoned analysts of international relations.

With erudition and sobering analysis, Achcar argues that only by understanding this new landscape can we begin to imagine the contours of an alternative, more peaceful world.

  • "[A] powerful, necessary, and timely book." The Irish Times

    "The strength of Achcar’s The New Cold War lies in its incisive clarity in objectively narrating how this new era of inter-imperial tensions developed, without losing sight of  the  legitimacy  of  self-determination  struggles  against  all  imperialist  countries in the New Cold War.  Such a balanced clarity is needed as a principled  position  of supporting self-determination struggles in  a  new  era  of  inter imperialist rivalry has come increasingly under fire by propagandists of the U.S., Chinese, and Russian regimes." —Promise Li, New Politics

    "Learned and incisive, ranging easily from broad geopolitical analysis to the details of policy formation, this masterful study of the new cold war of the past thirty years—by the scholar who first identified and studied it— is an indispensable guide to the current global disorder and its ominous portent." —Noam Chomsky

    "Gilbert Achcar has long been warning of a new Cold War, and this volume is perfectly timed to anatomize the newest stage of the conflict. No one who hopes to move beyond complacent rhetoric and slogans can afford to miss this essential book." —Samuel Moyn, Yale University

    Praise for The Clash of Barbarisms: The Making of the New World Disorder:

    "The most forceful, most rigorous text that there is to read on this war." ―Le Monde Diplomatique

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