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The Specificity of the Aesthetic, Volume 1

The second volume in the Lukács library, collecting and translating for the first time previously unavailable pieces of the Hungarian philosopher’s works.

How is it possible that works of art exist? How do we become receptive aesthetic subjects? The Specificity of the Aesthetic extends these fundamental ontological and phenomenological questions around which Lukács’s theory of art was oragnized. This late work of aesthetics seeks to solve a puzzle that neither philosophy nor socialist politics was able to: the fundamental ethical question of what individuals and humanity as a whole ought to do. Art offers Lukács the already-existing means through which the damaged edifice of Marxism might be reconstructed on a durable basis on which to rest the philosophy, politics, and ethics of a non-Soviet-style Marxism.


Other books by György Lukács, edited by Tyrus Miller, edited and translated by Erik M. Bachman