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The Exception to the Rulers (Unabridged Audio CD)
Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media that Love Them

“Amy Goodman has taken investigative journalism to new heights.”—Noam Chomsky

“What journalism should be: beholden to the interests of people, not power and profit.”—Arundhati Roy

“Amy Goodman is not afraid to speak truth to power. She does it every day.”—Susan Sarandon

In The Exception to the Rulers, award-winning journalists Amy and David Goodman expose the lies, corruption, and crimes of the power elite, an elite bolstered by large media conglomerates. Her goal is “to go where the silence is, to give voice to the silenced majority.”

This audio book includes numerous archival audio excerpts, including filmmaker Michael Moore, civil liberties victims describing their harrowing ordeals in the United States after 9/11, correspondent Jeremy Scahill, poet Martín Espada, death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal, and much more.

Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 650 TV and radio stations in North America.

David Goodman is an award-winning investigative journalist, the author of six books, and a contributing writer for Mother Jones. He lives with his wife and two children in Vermont. Together they are the authors of books The Exception to the Rulers, Static, and Standing Up to the Madness, all published by Hyperion Books.

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