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Eros and Revolution
The Critical Philosophy of Herbert Marcuse
Investigating the origins and development of Herbert Marcuse's dialectical approach vis-à-vis Hegel, Marx, and Freud as well as the central figures of the Frankfurt School, Sethness Castro chronicles the radical philosopher's lifelong activism. Beyond examining Marcuse's revolutionary life and contributions, the author contemplates the philosopher's relevance to contemporary struggles, especially with regard to ecology, feminism, and Anarchism.
  • "Javier Sethness Castro's Eros and Revolution is a broadly comprehensive and highly detailed study of Marcuse's thought that will be invaluable not only to students of that philosopher, but to anyone who is interested in critical and dialectical thought and its contemporary relevance...Sethness Castro's highly illuminating work shows conclusively that Marcuse's thought can be a vital source of inspiration and guidance today. The very title of the book epitomizes its important message. Marcuse's concept of Eros expresses a utopian vision of hope, reconciliation, and communal fulfillment that is desperately needed in an age of growing resignation and nihilism. "

    —John Clark, Capitalism Nature Socialism

    "No brief review can do [Eros and Revolutin] justice. Let me just say that those of us who have found special value in [Herbert] Marcuse's major philosophical accomplishments will delight in revisiting them under Sethness Castro's distinctive guidance, and will find special enjoyment in his focus on Marcuse's less well-known pieces in a manner that elaborates and enhances familiar theses and arguments...The scholarly care and political mindfulness of Javier Sethness Castro's study may stimulate a return to Marcuse. The reward that awaits is more than insight into Marcuse's ideas and humanity: it may help us become more fully acquainted with our own historical-political context and our own emancipatory potential today."

    —Charles Reitz, Radical Philosophy Review