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Hal Draper

The late Hal Draper is the author of the five-volume study of Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution as well as War and Revolution: Lenin and the Myth of Revolutionary Defeatism and Berkeley: The New Student Revolt. He was also a prominent socialist journalist and editor of the journal Labor Action from 1948-1958.


  • Berkeley

    • Send advance copies to the following publications: Jacobin, International Socialist Review, Socialist Worker, and more
    • Pitch bulk orders to DSA chapters and create study guide to accompany the book for discussion
  • The Adventures of The Communist Manifesto

    A new, definitive, translation of the Karl Marx and Frederick Engels' Communist Mannifesto by American socialist luminary, Hal Draper.

  • Socialism From Below

    In exploring the question: "What do we mean by socialism?,” Hal Draper argues genuine liberation can be won only through self-emancipation.