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Feminist Freedom Warriors
Genealogies, Justice, Politics, and Hope

 Feminist Freedom Warriors tells the stories of women of color from the Global South, weaving together cross-generational histories of feminist activism across national borders. These engaging interviews with sister comrades will inform, inspire, and activate the imagination to explore what a just world might look like. Each woman’s story illustrates their lifelong commitment to challenging oppressive practices and forming solidarities across borders to transform unjust structures around the globe. The book features interviews with activists from movements spanning the last seven decades in the United States, India, Mexico, Palestine, Nigeria, South Africa, and beyond.

  • "Feminist Freedom Warriors is a provocation and an inspiration. The political and intellectual life stories of an amazing cohort of radical feminist takes us through five decades of dynamic history and spans the globe.Their stories, ideas, fortitude and courage provide a powerful guide to the freedom-making work of the mid 20th through the early 21st centuries. The book is yet another gift of insight and critical feminist praxis from Chandra Talpade Mohanty and Linda Carty, sister-scholars and collaborators whose own collective passion and commitments are also in every page of this collection."

    -Barbara Ransby, author, historian, activist and President of the National Women's Studies Association, (2016-2018)

    "This collection brings together feminist visionaries to think deeply about how we sustain our movements, each other, and ourselves in and through ongoing feminist struggle. Mohanty and Carty's dialogues with the contributors reveal crucial insights into building and theorizing multi-issue movements that rely on intersectional, anti-racist, transnational feminisms. The collaborative endeavor illuminates the persistent intellectual capaciousness and radical hope of these scholar-activists. The contributors' complex engagements with feminist theory and praxis across geopolitical frameworks reaffirm coalitional possibilities so necessary in these turbulent times."

    -T. Jackie Cuevas, author of Post-Borderlandia

    ""In Feminist Freedom Warriors liberation is historicized, imagined, and enacted as contested struggle and dialogue. The intellectual-activist thinkers within explain that feminist praxis—poetics, pedagogies, and activism—is an ongoing refusal of global capitalism and colonialism. Comprising stories and interviews, Feminist Freedom Warriors shows that engendering political change, across racial and sexual identifications, is tied to the uneasy work of imagining solidarities outside our present (neoliberal) system of knowledge. What stands out, beautifully and urgently, is the praxis of sharing how to refuse infrastructures of violence. Feminist Freedom Warriors captures how sharing and talking and learning, and the struggle to collaborate, is tied to the grounded work of building new futures." 

    —Katherine McKittrick, Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies, Queen's University

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