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See You Soon

From New York Times Bestselling Author Mariame Kaba, a poignant, beautifully illustrated story of a little girl’s worries when her Mama goes to jail, and the love that bridges the distance between them.

Even though I’m away,

My love is always here to stay.
See you soon, Queenie.
Love, Mama

Queenie loves living with Mama and Grandma Louise. Together, they go to the grocery store, eat ice cream, and play games in the park. Mama braids Queenie’s hair and helps her with her homework.

Sometimes, when Mama is sick, she has to go away. One day, Queenie and Grandma ride the bus with Mama to the county jail.

Queenie is worried about what will happen when Mama goes to jail. She’s afraid to ask questions, and overcome with feelings of worry and sadness. Does Mama have a warm bed to sleep in? When will Queenie see her again?

Soon after she and Grandma return home, Queenie opens a letter from Mama, and savors every word. She knows her Mama loves her, and looks forward to their upcoming visit. 

  • "Mariame Kaba is always front and center in the fight for abolition. This beautiful story is a song of redemption and a study of the forever tremor that is mass incarceration. See You Soon is a shining example of how hope can tend to our deepest wounds."—Mahogany L. Browne, author of I Remember Death By Its Proximity to What I Love, TheKennedy Center Next 50 & Lincoln Center's inaugural Poet-in-Residence 

    “Beautifully framed illustrations in bright colors illustrate six-year-old Queenie’s (Reyna) life with her mother and grandmother… This slight title is much needed for children who are separated from a parent who is in jail.” —Youth Services Book Review

    “This sensitive, affecting examination serves as a worthy conversation starter.” —Publishers Weekly

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