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Aim High, Little Giant, Aim High!

Aim High, Little Giant, Aim High! is a story about Taína, a nine-year-old Afro Boricua basketball player growing up in Brooklyn during a pandemic who learns valuable life lessons from family, friends, and the community, both on and off the court.

"Peeeace!" That’s how Taina opens this book, and that’s how we get a tour of Brooklyn: through Taina’s eyes! There’s the biddy court where Papa is doing a b-ball clinic, and where Taina is joined by friends Theophilus, Ireyna, Mamushi and Ibrahim. Then there are the legendary parks of Brooklyn—Bed Stuy to Brownsville to Tillary Park—and all the legendary players, the folklore of NYC playground basketball culture. At home and on the court, Taina learns math and stories through the city and basketball.

"Pa’lante, siempre pa’lante!" Mama says this is what the Young Lords Party used to shout for social justice. Taina’s mother says it means "forward, always forward!" and that’s where Taina is going, forward in life!

Aim High, Little Giant, Aim High! features:

A full page glossary of basketball terms and definitions, such as Biddy Rims , "No Look Alley For Two," 21/Utah , and an explanation of Kwanzaa

  • "A totally original, lush, vivid and vibrant educational kaleidoscope wherethrough a basketball lens we find community and the loving embrace of lifelong personal growth. This is what 21st Century learning looks like. Required reading for young minds of any age." —David Hollander, author of How Basketball Can Save the World

    “The images leap, and the story teaches us how to nurture and respect the best parts of our inner child. What a beautiful and necessary tribute to this generation of mighty little leaders rising up in today’s ever-changing times.” —aja monet, poet and author of My Mother was a Freedom Fighter

    “A unique reframing of basketball delivered through New York City’s diversity, geometry and spirituality.” —Max Resetar, editor of SLAM MAGAZINE

    Aim High! honors the history of social justice and includes illustrations that capture the beauty of Afro-Latin history, while creating a visually appealing and accessible narrative for kids and families from all walk sof life.” —Marley Dias, founder of #1000blackgirlbooks and author of Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You!

    “A brilliant, beautiful and spiritual basketball revelation disguised as a children’sbook.”  —Scoop Jackson, author of The Game Is Not A Game

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