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No Planet B
A Teen Vogue Guide to the Climate Crisis

An urgent call for climate justice from Teen Vogue, one of this generation’s leading voices, using an intersectional lens - with critical feminist, indigenous, antiracist and internationalist perspectives. As the political classes watch our world burn, a new movement of young people is rising to meet the challenge of climate catastrophe. This book is a guide, a toolkit, a warning and a cause for hope.
"I hope that this book embodies Teen Vogue’s motto of making young people feel seen and heard all over the world. I hope that it forces their parents, communities, loved ones, friends, and—most importantly—those in power to see that the health of our planet depends on how quickly and drastically we change our behaviors. I hope it forces them all to respond." —From the foreword by Teen Vogue editor-in-chief, Lindsay Peoples Wagner

  • "(An) insightful anthology . . . the collection proves hopeful, informative, and urgent." ﹣Publishers Weekly

    "Young people are the great leaders in the climate fight, and this fine volume captures their voices with clarity, insight, and power. A must-read!"﹣Bill McKibben,

    “This isn't your grandparent's environmental movement. A generation is on the move. Climate justice is young, queer, Black, Indigenous, and militant af. No Planet B demonstrates it is inexorably linked to racial justice, decolonization, and abolition. There's no turning back.”﹣Nick Estes, Red Nation

    “We all need a plain language book for the complex issue and the diverse topics engendered by climate change and the struggle for climate justice. No Planet B presents that and more﹣ a context and a landscape of voices of young activists who define the issues, tell their stories and concerns about the disrupting effects of climate change on our lives, our health, and the future of our world. The essays span the globe and focus on an array of topics in the nexus of climate, environment, and the human condition. It features activists from all walks of life and is inspirational in its call to action.” ﹣Peggy M. Shepard, Executive Director, Co-Founder, WE ACT For Environmental Justice

    Praise for Teen Vogue:
    “A passionate and informed, if unexpected, voice for the resistance.”The Guardian

    Teen Vogue has approached social and political topics fiercely yet fairly.”Forbes

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